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Ekambar Bengals offers healthy, exquisite Bengal kittens for sale in Northern California to carefully screened kitten Buyers. Our prices range from $850 to $2,000  and up depending on whether you are looking for a pet quality kitten or a kitten for breeding and or showing.

Our selective breeding program is focused on producing exceptional Bengal kittens that are fine examples of this enchanted breed. Our goal is always to improve on “purrfection” with kittens that are friendly and well socialized, gorgeous and wild looking.

We offer splendid coat patterns, including spotted and three color marbled kittens,  silver and browns.

In our Bengal kittens, we take great pride in the delightful mixture of sociable, playful, and affectionate natures. By purchasing an Ekambar Bengal kitten, you can be assured of a loving family companion that will provide you and your family with many years of love, laughter, joy, and companionship.

Our commitment to our kittens goes with them, and we are happy to provide any advice you may need as your kitten adjust to you and your home.

Pet Quality: $850-up   Show Quality: $2,000-up   Breeder: $1800-up

Updated: 12/18/14

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The deposit to hold a pet kitten is $300. For a show/breeder kitten is $500.

Deposits are applied towards the purchase price.

Deposits are non refundable.

Kittens are the sole property of Ekambar Bengals. Ekambar Bengals has the right to refuse to sell a kitten or cat at any time until a sales agreement is signed by both parties.

Ekambar Jambari

Male - On Hold for Ginger

Ekambar Jeti

Male - On Hold for Joanne

Born October 16, 2014

All the kittens have been spoken for

Ekambar Kiki

Female - On Hold for Patricia

Ekambar Banshee

Male - On Hold for Melinda



Silver female - AVAILABLE

We have available a gorgeous  retired young adult silver female. She is very sweet and social. Miabi has beautiful huge rosettes in a silver background, and she has the most gorgeous wild green eyes…

Miabi has been spayed, has current vaccines, rabies shot, and has been microchipped.

If you are interested in Miabi  please email Maggi at or call: 707-688-7874