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Silver bengal Kitten
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This is our F1 Bengal Golden Girl and her two daughters Aanjay and Bastet

F1 & F2 Bengals Life’s Abundance

Premium health food for kittens & adult cats

Ekambar Bengals in Northern California is a cattery devoted to the well being and development of the Bengal cat Breed. Our Objective is to raise beautiful, healthy, well socialized, wild looking Bengal kittens.

We breed early and later generation Bengal cats with beautiful spotted and tri-color marbled patterns. Silvers and browns.

The goal of our breeding program is not only to preserve the stunning appearance of the Asian leopard Cat, it is also to produce a Bengal kitten that is an enjoyably pet to own, will easily blend into the social order of its family and will readily form a lasting bond with its members... to produce a very sociable family companion. When raised properly, a Bengal cat it is a gentle, affectionate, and playful creature that has an extraordinary intelligence.  

I created this web site  not only for you to see my Bengals, I also want to share my knowledge and experience with all of you, that like me, want detailed information and to know every aspect about these wonderful creatures.   

I hope that you will enjoy this journey that will take you to the amazing world of the Bengal cat.  

Do you want to know more about the Bengal cat history, Bengal cat appearance, Bengal cat health, Bengal cat behavior, etc?...You are just a click away...


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